Recruitment status:
We’re currently not  recruiting actively.

You may however use the application feature on the guild page at (direct link here) for applying to the guild.

When applying, please answer the following questions:

* How did you hear about our guild and why do you wish to join us? (If you know anyone in the guild you can put their name here)
* What interests you most about our guild? (ie. new friends, quests, group hunts)
* Do you have any tibian goals?
* How old are you, where are you from, name, occupation, any personal info you wish to share with us really.

If you’re applying with a char that is not your main at the moment, please include the name of your main char.

Please note that any application not being considered serious will be rejected.

We will contact you ASAP, usually within 2-3 days.


We expect all our members to be helpful, courteous, respectful & active both in game & in the guild. We do not support any type of rule violating – such behaviour will result in character being excluded from the guild.

New members will be on trial for a month as Shrub Seekers, if they are active during that time they will be promoted to the Shrubber rank. Information about further promotions is available on the Guild Ranks page.

We also expect our members to take part in guild activities and be active in the guild chat. We have an external forum that we use for communication, planning and to share other things within the guild. All members should have an account (to register contact any of the vices or the leader).