Guild History

This story starts with two young men meeting in Carlin depot at their mid teens. A talk and a laugh leads to joining forces against the evil plaguing the world called Secura. The young ones are called Anthaeus and Fuhido II.

Time passes by and they grow older and stronger. Now rather experienced fighters fighting off the hordes of dwarves outside of Kazordoon their friendship is stronger than ever and the trust for one and other is keeping them both alive. Rot worms, dwarfs as well as their soldiers, sometimes even the murderous hunters; all meet their fate against this formidable duo.

Humor and encouragement keeps them both going when times gets tough. They find lots of common ground, especially the famous makings of the “Monthy Python”, a comical group performing in the theatre of Carlin.

At their twenties, both had already gathered enough wealth to buy small houses in Carlin. The queen has promoted the brave warriors for protecting Carlin’s safety. One day strolling around town they found something that amazed them both. An architectural beauty in the midst of the somewhat crude houses of their hometown: it was called the house of recreation. Suddenly this house just outside the western gates of the town became the “holy grail” of the duo. No price was to high and no task to difficult to reach their goal.

A small technicality existed: the owner of the house did not want to see the house fall into the hands of an individual owner, but rather a collective. The duo set out to meet this formality by convincing their cousins into forming it, witnessed by the gods. They named it “The Knights Who Say NI”. Weegee, Venixy and Elsino were made vice leaders aside of Fuhido II.

Dark storms arose and an unforeseen event prevented the newly formed brotherhood to buy the house of their desires. However the brotherhood refused to accept defeat but said: “One day it will be ours!”.

Time flies by, the now seasoned fighters remain on their course towards fame and fortune. Moonkeep is their first home. Waiting for the Holy Grail of the brotherhood, “The House of Recreation”, they seek out on the task of finding fellow fighters of the cause. Many are the brave who seek to join the fellowship and the task. One of the first is Sir Stephon.

Sir Stephon was a young and poor man joining the brotherhood. He often spent lonely nights sleeping in the basement of Moonkeep, healing the wounds from a hard days work protecting our world from the ever-attacking minions of evil. He was rapidly gaining respect as well as strength from his undying commitment to the cause.

Steph, as his friends called him, could also be quite a nag, Fuhido II, now being the leader of the guild, after Anthaeus mysterious disappearance, found this out pretty soon. There was no end to the nagging and begging to get another promotion in the now official Guild.

Time came and Fuhido II had to leave on a holy mission to another country. He decided to recognize the long commitment of Sir Stephon and decided to pass the gavel onto him. He got a promotion at last! Surprised as he was (he didn’t speak for at least 15 minutes) he finally accepted.

Time passed again, as it always does. Fuhido II was returning from his mission and came back to the brotherhood found out that a lot had changed. Sir Stephon with his spirit and commitment, and with the help of a newly recruited vice leader Dr. Luz the wise had made the guild stronger than Fuhido II had ever had imagined it would be. It was from this day on to be a force to be counted on!

Under the guidance of Sir Stephon the guild charter was engraved in stone, keeping the guild spirit alive:

Friendship, helpfulness, respect and honor!